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Pulleys have been in use for thousands of years. Despite their long history, they remain an important tool in the contemporary world. Modern advances in material sciences and fabrication technologies have given us a wide variety of pulley styles and configurations to choose from, ensuring that there is a suitable pulley for nearly any relevant application across industries.


Pulleys – A Primer

A pulley is a simple machine that changes the direction of a force on a taut cable or rope, typically facilitating the lifting of heavy objects. Pulleys give users a mechanical advantage by providing a reduction in the force required to lift a certain amount of weight.

There are three types of pulleys:

  • Fixed pulleys are attached or secured to a single spot. The pulley itself remains stationary while the cord or rope passes through it. While fixed pulleys will only exert the same amount of force applied from one side to the other, they change the direction of that force, making it easier to lift a heavy object.
  • Movable pulleys are not stationary but instead move with the load. This type of pulley is usually attached to the target object and will multiply the applied force on the side opposite to the user. As such, movable pulleys require less force than movable pulleys to move an equivalent amount of weight. Common applications for movable pulleys include elevators, cranes, and many exercise machines.
  • Compound pulleys combine the advantages of their fixed and movable counterparts. They both change the direction of the applied force and multiply it, making them ideal for very heavy loads.

There are many applications for pulleys across industries. While it would be impossible to compile a comprehensive list in this article, some applications include:

Pulley Hardware: Choose the Right Pulley for Your Needs

Each type of pulley offers unique advantages and benefits. The following pulleys can be found at Henssgen Hardware:

  • Swivel Eye PulleyA swivel eye pulley allows for a dynamic rotation of the pulley block according to applied force and movement. This is an excellent choice when a certain amount of rotation is required in order to lift a load.
  • Double Swivel Eye PulleyThis variation of the swivel eye pulley allows for additional functionality, facilitating the use of two lines without tangling.
  • Single Fixed Eye PulleyThis pulley offers a rigid, non-rotational setup, and can be used in combination with wire rope, nylon, or other cord materials.
  • Double Fixed Eye PulleyThis variation of the fixed eye pulley allows for greater dynamism in lifting loads within a certain weight range.

Zinc Die Cast and Stainless Steel Pulleys – Material Properties and Characteristics

Zinc die casting refers to the process in which high pressures shape molten metal into specific molds or forms. Zinc die cast pulleys feature exceptional toughness and durability and can be produced in several different finishes.

Stainless Steel pulleys offer a higher working load limit and are most popular among the awning industry.

Henssgen Hardware provides a variety of zinc die cast and stainless steel pulleys.

Pulleys at Henssgen Hardware

With a wide variety of pulley products on the market, it’s important to select a solution appropriate for the desired application. Since our establishment in 1978, the staff at Henssgen Hardware has consistently provided top-tier pulley products to our customers at highly affordable prices.

If you’d like to learn more about our products and services, reach out to us for more information.